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Certification Offering: Nationally Certified School Neuropsychologist™                   Est: 12/2010

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Important notice:   We have increased our membership and continue to take applications.

 National Association of School Neuropsychologists™

Nationally Certified School Neuropsychologist™


As of December 20, 2010, The National Association of School Neuropsychologists™  (NASN-Psychologists) was established.  The intention of the newly created National Association of School Neuropsychologists™ is to form an official group of individuals that have expertise in school neuropsychology and neuropsychological issues.   This group of licensed school psychologists have specialized training and/or knowledge about how to apply many of the concepts of neuroscience within the school environment. 

The second intention of this group of experts is to offer certification to applicants who meet specific criteria, which will be detailed at a later date.  The certification being offered is called, Nationally Certified School Neuropsychologist™.   Another level of certification is called Certified School Neuropsychologist™

Please note that the National Association of School Neuropsychologists™ will be offering both membership and certification shortly.   Check back with us once our website is completed.  Thank you for your interests.

Criteria for Certification:

     As of this point in time, the following criteria for receiving a certificate for Nationally Certified School Neuropsychologist are still in the discussion phase by our committee and subject to change.  However, a broad outline is provided to give the applicant an idea of how to qualify.  Again, it is our intent to help applicants qualify by acknowledging their existing formal education, licenses and verifiable professional development trainings.

     Criteria 1.  Formal application and educational transcript evaluation

     Criteria 2.  Relevant work experience and continuing professional training evaluation

     Criteria 3.  Online test (30-50 multiple choice) to ascertain school neuropsychology knowledge

Estimated total cost:  $175-200 dollars (First year membership cost temporarily waived for qualified applicants)

Certificate valid for 3 years

 For information about the Journal of School Neuropsychology, please visit our website at:

President: Leslie Tremayne, M.A. ABSNP
Vice President: Elizabeth French, Ed.S.

Dr. Nicholas Cutro-  Certified Member since 12/2012
Dr. Daniel Krenzer-Certified Member since 12/2012
Caren Rhodes, Ed.S.-Certified Member since 12/2011
Dr. Peter Thompson, Certified Member since 12/2010


For more information about NASN, contact: 
For Application: 
Ph. 303-387-3331

Legal Notice:  This website and the information contained herein act as a public notice and a time establishment of intention to do business for the National Association of School Neuropsychologists™. 

The terms Nationally Certified School Neuropsychologist™, Certified School Neuropsychologist™,  and National Association of School Neuropsychologists™ are protected terms.  Unauthorized use of the previous terms is strictly forbidden and unauthorized use may result in both criminal and civil penalties.

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